11 Most Beautiful Libraries in Oxford

Ready to discover the most beautiful libraries in Oxford? These are the gorgeous buildings you need to check out on your next trip.

With its historic buildings and the famous University, it should come as no surprise that Oxford is known for its beautiful libraries.

In fact, there are 28 making up the wider Bodleian Library alone.

All Souls College Library

Unlike any library – as soon as you step into it you can feel the culture  fill your bones. It’s a special one and has a vast history. 



Bodleian Old Library

Rows upon rows of books here are available to peruse – though you won’t be able to take any books out of the library, feel free to head here and study or read for a few hours.


The Radcliffe Camera 

The library is a huge symbol of Oxford and you will have recognized the library on many postcards or pictures of Oxford University. 


Lincoln College Library

The beautiful windows, chandelier in the middle of the room, and a long table at the centre makes it feel more like you’re about to sit down for a banquet meal than study.


The Upper Library at Merton College

Much darker than the others and it feels as though you’ve stepped into a piece of rare history.

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