14 Cheap Hotels in Oxford: Where to Stay on a Budget

Looking for the best cheap hotels in Oxford? From luxury at a fraction of the cost to simple places to bed down for the night, these are the best budget hotels.

While nowhere near as expensive as the capital, spending a few days in Oxford can end up costing you quite the sum of money. 

So, if you’re looking to save cash, considering one of these cheaper hotels in the city is a great way to enjoy the city on a budget. 

Remont Oxford

Possibly one of the best budget hotels Oxford offers, the Remont Oxford boasts decent-sized rooms and eclectic decor to match. 



Jury’s Inn

Rooms are impressive given the lower price, with huge beds and fully-stocked bathrooms offering up everything you need for a comfortable stay.


The Galaxie

Not only are each of the rooms carefully thought out in terms of design, but they’re very generous in size and boast huge windows that allow natural light to flood in.


Old Black Horse Inn

This quaint Oxford pub has a couple of hidden rooms upstairs, and they’re fully equipped with everything you need for a comfortable short trip to the city.


The Osney Arms Guesthouse

With a choice between a standard room and even cheaper ones that are smaller with shared bathrooms, your budget need not dictate your trip.

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