Christ Church Oxford: A Visitor’s Guide

Christ Church is one of Oxford’s best-known colleges. With a long-standing history and stunning architecture, it’s little wonder it’s at the top of most people’s list to explore when they visit Oxford.

This guide will walk you through some of Christ Church’s iconic architecture and a short history of the college, with sections on the college’s affiliations with Harry Potter and Alice in Wonderland. 

Christ Church Oxford: A Visitor’s Guide

Why Visit Christ Church Oxford? 

Whether it’s the abundance of sandstone colleges or the gently meandering Thames, there’s a lot for any visitor to cover. 

Tom Quad and Tom Tower

The scale of Wolsey’s designs for what was to be Cardinal College are never more apparent than in the magnificence of the Tom Quad – Christ Church’s main quad.

Christ Church Hall

Grand paintings hang on the walls, long rows of tables and benches sitting between them, all topped with a 16th-century hammer-beam ceiling to round things off. 

Christ Church Meadows

The timeless Christ Church Meadows are a popular picnic location and sanctuary nestled alongside the River Isis, and home to longhorn cows and other cattle.

Christ Church: The Star of Harry Potter 

This location – at the top of the Bodley Staircase in Christ Church, is where Harry Potter’s first step into Hogwarts really happens.

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