Magdalen Bridge, Oxford: Everything You Need to Know about this Historic Landmark

In the midst of Oxford’s beautiful nature, you’ll find Magdalen Bridge.

Whilst this bridge might not be quite as famous as the Rad Cam or Oxford’s many colleges, it’s still one of the most important landmarks in the city.

And, while it might be a great spot for watching people punt underneath (and you should totally get involved too), it has a fascinating history.

What is the Magdalen Bridge?

It basically connected the High Street to the west with The Plain, which is now a roundabout to the east. 

Prime Punting Spot

Cross the bridge and head to the side where Magdalen College’s stunning building sits, and peer down the steps on the left-hand side. 

The History of Magdalen Bridge

By the 16th century, a stone bridge had then replaced the wooden one, standing at 1500 feet long and boasting 20 intricate arches.

Fast forward to the 1770s, and the stone bridge was slightly too narrow for the ever-increasing traffic – which meant that two vehicles couldn’t safely cross together.

The Bridge Today

The bridge boasts a total of 11 arches – for each of the two branches of the river, there are three semicircular arches and smaller ones on each side.

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