Best Clubs in Oxford: Cool Night Clubs for Raucous Nights


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Ready to let loose and party it up in Oxford? These are the very best club nights and nightclubs in Oxford.

Sure, spending a sophisticated evening at a bar or restaurant can be fun, but sometimes all you want to do is let your hair down and bust some moves on the dance floor. I feel you.

Luckily, the perks of being a university-centric city mean that Oxford is blessed with some of the top nightclubs in the country. In other words, nightlife in Oxford goes pretty hard.

From all-inclusive LGBTQ+ spaces to bars with secret dance floors, these are the best places to party until the early hours.

Best Night Clubs in Oxford 

ATIK (AKA Park End)

Don’t get confused, ATIK and Park End (as it’s known by Oxford Uni students) are the same venue. Five rooms of pumping chart/hip hop/indie music await.

The weekly club nights are brilliant (more on that later), while drinks are cheap and the vibes are excellent. Boasting huge lasers, flashing lights, and a state-of-the-art sound system, keep your eyes peeled for their one-off events, which tend to get really crazy.

Also, ATIK are slightly more relaxed with their dress code, so there’s no need to don a fancy dress and the highest of heels. Just don’t turn up in filthy trainers and sportswear and you’ll be a-ok.

The Bridge

If you’re looking for a night out with a slightly older crowd (I say older, but there’ll still be plenty of students bopping around on non-student evenings), The Bridge is my favourite place to go clubbing in Oxford.

With two large bars, three dancefloors, and the garden space outside, this is one of the largest nightclubs in Oxford – and no night out is complete without ending up here. Drinks are decently priced (though, admittedly, they are your run-of-the-mill club classics). There are also plenty of VIP packages available if you’re celebrating a special occasion.

Pto tip: Skip the main room in favour of the urban room – the music is way better and the space is ten times cooler. Believe us.


Oxford top spot for LGBTQ+ club nights, Plush is a flamboyant space where all are welcome and drinks flow freely. In other words, you won’t find yourself queuing for hours at the bar – the service is excellent.

With two bars and multiple rooms to choose from, there’s plenty of space to unleash your best moves at this Oxford nightclub. Will you vogue next to the leopard-print sofas or bump & grind near the DJ booth? 

The Varsity Club

Situated on the high street, Oxford city nightlife doesn’t get much better than at The Varsity Club. 

The venue features four levels with distinct divides, from the classy rooftop cocktail bar serving up artisan creations to the basement-level nightclub, where the dance floor is as colourful as the crowd (and way less sticky than in other spots).

The dress code is a little stricter here than at other Oxford nightclubs (i.e. you’ll want to dress to impress) but the result is a more pleasant experience and delicious cocktails.

Note: This club is 21+ only and operates a cover charge.

The Bullingdon

Situated on Cowley Road, just outside of the city centre, The Bullingdon is a live music venue that operates partially as a nightclub – and it’s not to be sniffed at. I’ve spent many a fun evening in this Oxford club.

With regular events, including reggaeton parties and indie smash-hit evenings, grab a group of mates and head here for an evening of partying it up in Oxford. 

Or, perhaps you want to check out some live music? This cool little spot has got you covered.

Raoul’s Bar

Who knew that one of the best nightclubs in Oxford was hidden beneath an iconic bar? Since 1979, Raoul’s Bar has been one of the top places to spend an evening in Oxford. 

Upstairs is a delightful bar space serving up cracking cocktails; however, downstairs is where the fun begins with a huge dance floor that’s perfect for a late night boogie.

If you’re keen to experience a night out in Oxford but don’t fancy sweating it out with people half your age then head to Raoul’s Bar for some slightly more sophisticated fun.

Pssst… Raoul’s is currently closed but will reopen in 2023.

The Club Nights in Oxford You Should Have on Your Radar 


The most popular student night in Oxford right now, BROKE MONDAYS at Atik is cheap and wild—and I absolutely love it!

The club is open between 10 pm and 3 am, though it doesn’t start to get good until after midnight, so hold off as long as you can.

You’ve got five rooms to choose between, from the R&B-based Curve room to the Vinyl room spinning cheesy pop. If you’re after something a little bit more exotic, head to the Tiki Hawaiian Cocktail Bar for a drink or three.

Drinks are extra-cheap on Monday nights, so it’s worth dipping in if you want to party without breaking the bank.

Thirsty Thursday at Plush

If you’re looking for a seriously wild night out, Thirsty Thursday at Plush is the place to be. Enjoy £1 drinks, the campest of music, and an equally vibrant crowd.

This is the top LGBTQ+ club night in Oxford, with two bars, a cocktail bar, luxurious seating, and VIP areas to splurge on if you’re really going to town.

Club Nights at O2 Academy

The O2 Academy is home to some of the top club nights Oxford has to offer. This multi-function venue acts as a space for live gigs primarily, but often opens up its doors for themed party evenings. 

Upcoming events include the likes of an old-school R&B battle, a night dedicated to Taylor Swift (who doesn’t secretly love Tay-Tay?), and indie music galore.

I’ve frequented plenty of these events throughout my uni years and can vouch that while drinks are on the pricier side, the vibes are always great. 

Luxé Saturdays at The Bridge

The Bridge is one of my favourite places to go clubbing in Oxford, so it’s no surprise that it also boasts one of the city’s best club nights: Luxé Saturdays.

Bougie and glam, Saturdays see The Bridge overtaken with four entire floors of banging tunes. 

The main room plays D&B, bassline, and tech house, but you can skip that in favour of the reggaeton Spirit bar or the urban room upstairs, where Beyonce and TLC are swiftly followed by Kendrick and Wu-Tang Clan. 

Unless, of course, you enjoy dancing to thump-thump music all night. In which case, go ahead.

Practical Tips for Visiting Oxford’s Nightclubs 

  • Club nights will often require a ticket to be booked in advance, remember to check the club’s website before you turn up. Also, some nights are 21+, so make sure you ask about any age requirements.
  • Double-check the dress code of the club before you set off on your wild night out—many won’t allow you to enter in trainers or hoodies.
  • At the risk of sounding like your mum, stick with your friends and don’t leave your drink unattended. Stay safe, and have fun!

Oxford Nightlife: Map 

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