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Looking for the most eggcellent breakfast in Oxford? We’ll tell you what’s cooking at the best eateries in this city that serve up smiles sunny-side up. 

From the soft sizzle of bacon to the siren call of freshly brewed coffee, breakfast is the bread and butter of waking up in style. You’ll soon learn why the academic haven of the city of Oxford is known for its stellar restaurants and cafes.

Whether you’re looking for a hearty meal or a good ol’ breakfast buffet in Oxford after experiencing some of the best things to do in the city, these spots will have you satisfied. 

Price Guide (based on most items on the breakfast menu)

£ – under £5

££ – between £6 – £10

£££ – over £10

Best Breakfasts in Oxford You Have to Try 

The Handle Bar Cafe & Kitchen

Price range: ££ – £££

A casual hangout spot for cyclists (or anyone after quirky decor), The Handle Bar is an excellent place if you’re looking for a good breakfast in Oxford. From vegan gems to meaty marvels, you’ll be drooling by simply staring at the expansive menu.

The whitewashed walls and bicycles hanging overhead create a snippet of an escape away from the rush of mornings (or bring your laptop and get some work done). A 5-min walk from one of the top museums in Oxford, The Ashmolean, you’ll also have a great place to park yourself after a long morning of exploring.

Be sure to try the Coconut Slapjack Stack glazed with maple syrup, almonds, and coconut. Who doesn’t like a vegan breakfast with a devilish decadent twist?

Area: Situated above a bicycle shop called “The Bike Zone” in St Michael’s Str.

Art Cafe

Price Range: ££

A blissful breakfast with a sophisticated flair, the Art Cafe is sure to be your next foodie crush. Follow the yellow brick facade and enter this establishment that features local art and delicious dishes.

From an Oxford English breakfast to the millennial favourite of a classic avocado on toast, this darling den is the answer to keeping the whole morning crew happy. Known as serving some of the best breakfasts in Oxford city centre, the Art Cafe is an experience like no other.

One of the must-try items is the sensational swirl of the peanut butter, banana, and almond flake porridge. This dish will have you finally understand what Goldilocks was on about.

Area: A two-level cafe located on 14 New Rd, centrally located and close to Oxford Castle.

Jacobs and Field

Price Range: £ – ££

Jacobs and Field have a way of whisking you away on a journey of gastronomic wonder with its locally sourced ingredients and rustic interior. From the simplistic pleasures of a buttered toast to the delicate embrace of an eggs florentine, this lively space is the perfect destination for your morning eat. 

Nothing cures a raging hangover quite like a Jacobs and Field’s breakfast burger. A tower of fried egg, cheese, bacon, hashbrown, and a sausage patty — you’ll feel like your old fabulous self in no time.

Area: Located on Old High St near the Bury Knowle Park.

The Breakfast Club

Price Range: £££

Whether you’re a princess, an athlete, a brain, a basket-case or a criminal (if you catch the reference, you’re a cool kid), you’re in for a superb breakfast in Westgate, Oxford. 

Known as “locally world-famous”, The Breakfast Club is a cafe made for serving your ultimate breakfast comfort food. Whether you’re craving breakfast in the morning or at night, this quirky eatery has got you covered. 

Area: This establishment resides in the Westgate Mall.

Nosebag Restaurant & Deli

Price Range: £ – ££

It’s more delicious than it sounds, we promise. The Nosebag is a simple yet tasteful establishment with yummy brekkies to boot with a pretty in pink facade.

This rosy hideout opened its doors in 1971 and has a great homey atmosphere. Known for serving a diverse menu, you’ll make a recurring return to sample all the mouth-watering breakfast options.

Area: In St Michael’s St; a stone’s throw away from the medieval church of St Michael at the North Gate.

GAIL’s Bakery Summertown

Price Range: £ – ££

Are you looking for the best breakfast in Summertown, Oxford? With over 30 different bread types to choose from, GAIL’S is the way to go if you’re craving some carbs. 

Walk past the mountains of freshly baked goods to be seated in the restaurant or outside in the garden. GAIL’S has an extensive repertoire of breakfast dishes, including sides such as its signature bacon jam.

From the soft crackle of fresh bread to the chorus of ‘mmm’s from virgin bakery goers, you’ll experience a symphony of satisfaction at this eatery.

Area: 251 Banbury Rd, situated next to the Tesco Express.

Queen’s Lane Coffee House

Price Range: £ – ££

Ready to feel like royalty while having the most important meal of the day? This regal eatery has been a pinnacle in the community since 1654. Queen’s Lane Coffee House has a warm atmosphere with countless stories embedded within its walls, which will give you a portion of history with your breakfast. 

You can choose from an array of breakfast options, from British classics to vegan delights. The Turkish options will provide a fantastic halal breakfast in Oxford. The diversity of the menu illustrates the melting pot of various cultures present in the city. 

Area: On the corner of High St and Queen’s Ln. It is directly across from the education haven of The Queen’s College MCR.


Price Range: ££ – £££

A little slice of solitude, Bannister’s is the place to be if you’re looking to enjoy a lovely morning away from the hustle and bustle of city life. 

Whether you prefer watching the world come alive outside or rather enjoy your morning tea inside listening to some reggae, this eatery has it all. A refreshing take on your everyday breakfast experience, Bannister’s caters to the ordinary joe waiting for something fresh yet familiar.

Fish and Chicks, anyone? Try the salmon cured, two poached eggs and spinach with a hollandaise yuzu sauce on cuttlefish ink sourdough toast.

Area: Next to the Magdalen Road west bus stop on Iffley Rd.

Where to Find the Best Breakfasts in Oxford – Map

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