9 Best Gyms in Oxford for Getting Your Sweat On

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Looking for the best gyms in Oxford? These are the top spots to get fit in the city.

Whether you’re after a friendly environment to dip your toes in the gym scene, a place where you can lift heavy and train hard, or a fitness centre that feels like a home away from home, Oxford has got plenty of options for you.

But how do you know which gyms are worth your hard-earned money? Luckily, we’ve done the work(out) for you and compiled a guide to the best gyms in Oxford.

Ready? Don your finest workout gear, and let’s get physical.

Best Gyms in Oxford 

Buzz Gym

Whether you’re looking to get fit, lose weight, tone up, or lift heavy, Buzz Gym is one of the best in Oxford and is handily situated on top of the West Gate Shopping Centre.

Not only are its monthly fees reasonable, but the 18,000 square-foot fitness club boasts state-of-the-art equipment, hundreds of training classes, and DJ nights to get you really pumped up. Dedicated training zones for cardio and strength training make it easy to reach your goals, while the astroturf section even helps you to pack in some outdoor training when the weather outside is grey.

This gym is also big on community – you can use the Buzz Gym app to chat with other gym goers, book classes, and check out the upcoming events. We think this might just be the best gym Oxford boasts.

Membership: £24.99 per month, or £21.99 for students.

Feel Fit Gym & Spa

If you need your gym to be less commercial and more tailored to strength training, Feel Fit Gym & Spa is a great option for an Oxford gym. The open-plan gym has been newly refurbished – there’s even a ladies only section if you fancy training in total comfort.

Class-wise, there’s plenty going on here. Whether you fancy putting yourself through a gruelling bootcamp or want to feel the burn from a tabata class, there’s a wide range to choose from. We’ll stick to zumba, we think.

Don’t panic if you need a little help getting started, as the gym has an abundance of personal trainers specialising in strength training, nutrition, and more. You’ve also got the excellent perk of a steam room and sauna to soothe those aching muscles after each session.

Membership: This gym offers plenty of membership options including £12.99 PAYG, £27.99 off peak, and a £39.95 holistic peak time membership.


With a prime focus on health and lifestyle, Viavi:Be is an Oxford gym popular amongst the older community. 

The equipment at this gym is fitted with intelligent programmes, recognising the user and automatically adjusting seats and lengths for the ultimate comfort. As well as this, an array of exercise classes with the intention of becoming strong and healthy are available.

If you’re looking for a calming space, far away from the pumping music found at some of the other popular gyms in Oxford, this might just be your new tranquil workout spot.

Membership: This Oxford gym membership will set you back £50 per month, or there’s a £10 PAYG option if you don’t fancy the commitment.

Science Fitness Studio

If the ultimate goal is to create your own Rocky montage (even if it’s just in your head), booking yourself into 1-2-1 sessions with Kevin at Science Fitness Studio can make that a reality.

Whilst this isn’t a gym where you can head and train in your own time, if you’re serious about increasing your strength, toning up, or getting fit, Kevin is the man for the job. His bootcamps are seriously tough, but the results are undeniable.

Membership: POA


If you’re looking to get fit without shelling out hundreds of pounds, PureGym is one of the most budget-friendly gyms in Oxford – and the rest of the UK.

We’ve joined (and subsequently left) a fair few gyms in our time, and we have to say that PureGym is one of the best we’ve frequented. From cardio to strength and weights, the equipment is great quality and in abundance – no waiting around for someone to complete their 500th set here.

One of the main perks of PureGym is that the vast majority of their gyms are open 24 hours, which means that if the urge to workout hits at midnight, so be it. And while they might not quite rival other gyms’ offerings, PureGym’s exercise classes are frequent and occur at multiple times throughout the day.

Membership: Membership can vary depending on location, though it’s around the £20 mark. Make sure to keep an eye out for their zero joining fee offers that run throughout the year.

David Lloyd

With a couple of gyms dotted around Oxford and the surrounding areas, David Lloyd is the dream Oxford gym for those who want to make working out part of their lifestyle. 

Memberships to this gym are pricey, so if you’re looking for a place to dip in and out for 60 minutes a day, we recommend skipping on this one and joining a budget gym instead.

That being said, you do get a lot of bang for your buck. Not only can you access high-quality fitness suites and workout classes, but higher membership levels also treat you to discounts in the on-site bar and restaurant, fresh towels, access to the spa, and the use of every club in Europe.

Membership: Prices start from £94.50 per month.

The Project PT

Based on Magdalen Road, The Project PT is an inclusive training space for those looking to up their fitness levels. They also offer training sessions and summer camps for little ones, so the whole family can get involved with keeping fit.

With over 50 classes per week, including the likes of core and mobility, boxing, and powerlifting, there are plenty of ways to keep exercising fun and fresh. Classes are on the smaller side too, so you can practice your form under the watchful eye of your trainer.

Membership: Membership is based on credited sessions – monthly membership starts at 8 credits for £79.

The Gym Group

Looking for a Headington gym? The Gym Group has got it covered with their expansive equipment and low monthly fees. 

This gym is a no-frills option for those simply looking to lose weight or tone up, though it might not be the best gym in Oxford for someone looking to bulk up and lift some serious weights. If that’s the case, heading to Science Fitness Studio might be a better way to workout.

The gym is handily situated on a retail park and open 24 hours, so there’s no need to struggle with parking at 3am. You’re also not tied to a contract, so if you find that after a month you’re not enjoying it, simply cancel and try out somewhere new.

Membership: From £20.99 a month.

Nuffield Health

Similarly to David Lloyd, Nuffield Health is another gym in Oxford that feels more like a cool club and less of a sweaty garage space. And the membership price certainly reflects this.

With a range of classes and fitness equipment suited to those at all levels of fitness, this is one of the top places to workout in Oxfordshire. Memberships also include access to a swimming pool and spa facilities, as well as free parking.

Not too keen on the gym? You can also sign up for the racquets-only membership and keep fit by playing tennis a couple of times per week.

Membership: From £91 a month.

Practical Tips for Choosing Your Oxford Gym 

  • Pick your gym wisely, depending on your fitness goals. If you’re simply looking for a place to use cardio equipment, a budget-friendly gym like Buzz Gym or Pure Gym is your best bet. If, however, you want to lift heavy weights, Science Fitness Studio is probably your best option.
  • Consider the perks – a membership might seem expensive (cough, cough David Lloyd), but if you’re getting plenty of benefits that you would spend extra money on anyway, i.e. a spa, it might be worth the splurge.

Best Gyms in Oxford: Map

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